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The Key Factors for Retrospectives| Survivor Debts Consolidation



The chances of returning retrospectives to more than 2,500,000 retirees are rising but in four years, based on five key factors that can bring unpleasant upsets but also … pleasant news.

More specifically, the new data set for the return of billions of euros are passed through the judgments and go as far as the adjustment of the primary surplus target with … in exchange for bold reforms by the next government. 


The Return of Retrospectives Depends on the Following Five Factors:

The Return of Retrospectives Depends on the Following Five Factors:




  1. Judgments


The waiver of the EMFF from the recourse on the reimbursement of the amounts cut off from pensions and gifts makes the amounts due because the claims of the beneficiaries are perfectly legitimate. This development is linked to the government’s political choice to create a problem in the … next government, which has to cut back on saving the sums involved. The EFCA admits the correctness of the decision and is not going to offend it, which proves clearly that there is a central line from the government to … the wave of demands the next one! Indeed, it has been registered with a retired resignation to which EUR 760 was reimbursed in 2013, whereas in May, by Court of First Instance judgments, EIB-EEP was obliged to reimburse to two pensioners amounts of EUR 3,386.54 and EUR 2.323,12 and EUR 3,386.46 and € 1818.18 respectively. Note that for the amounts relating to the period from 1 July to 28 December 2018 interest was also calculated at 6%!


2. Elections and change of government


The current government is not worried about the payment of … broken for the pensioners’ retrospective, as the enforcement of the court decisions will be made by the … followers. Thus, the issue of retrospectives is expected to be high in the political debate and will be of particular interest in how court decisions will be implemented, which are expected to increase dramatically as time passes.


3. Reduce primary surplus

European Neighborhood Party leader Manfred Weber, who is forerunner of a new European Commission president, said after his meeting with New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis that it is open to the reduction of the primary surplus targets to 2% , as long as there are reforms that will lead to substantial growth. Such an evolution could lead to a “3 billion-euro” reduction of the primary surplus target from 2020. This could make realistic the return for most of the retrospective, which is estimated to be at least 10 billion . euro. If anything, it will be easier … to return the bulk of such an amount.


4. Removal of personal dispute


Cutting pensions to 1,400,000 pensioners has been prolonged for one year and the issue will therefore be reopened with the 2020 Budget. This is vital to achieving the primary surplus target, which by 2022 has been placed at 3.5% of the Gross Domestic Product. The amount that could be saved from such a move amounts to EUR 2 billion and, together with a possible reduction of the primary surplus target, could create conditions for reimbursement to beneficiaries.


5. Tax-free limit


The reduction of the tax-free threshold to EUR 5 685 is now projected to target the primary surplus of 3.5% of GDP in 2020 and beyond. This reduction, coupled with a small reduction in tax rates by the next government and the implementation of the abolition of personal dispute from 1 January 2020, due to the third 2015 Memorandum, would create a financial space for the gradual return of money to the beneficiaries. It is noted that the refund of the possible amounts to be received by the beneficiaries will be subject to a tax charge based on the new tax-free. Recently, it is the case of the retrospective return of those who belong to the “special payroll” (military, security forces, teachers, academics, etc.).


Great Expectations in Stifling Conditions


Great Expectations in Stifling Conditions


The number of pensioners hurrying to law firms and labor workers is rising rapidly to write collective actions to establish a claim for reimbursement … of amounts due.

According to a top law firm, so far the lawsuits have been filed for the retroactive claim by pensioners of all insurance funds, as well as active civil servants, for retained salary, main and supplementary pensions, solidarity levy, Christmas and Easter gifts, authorization. It is noted that by June 30th, the lawsuits can be filed in order to guarantee the cuts of the period 2012-2018 and not to be abrogated for at least one semester under Laws 4051/12 and 4093/12. It should be noted that a decision of the Council of State in June 2015 justified the pensioners, so legal claims are up to date, while the government until a few months ago regarded as “legitimate” the claims from June 2015 until the entry into force of the law Catastroge, on 13/5/2016.

Moreover, the government’s line up until now has been that those who have been justified for the past few years … have taken over, while the law of Catastroge “absorbs” cuts and injustices by 2016. According to the workers, this can not be the case, Catastrophus has blown the gaps in the system and simply changed the way pensions are calculated. Pensioners are therefore legally entitled to file legal actions and claim for the period 2015-2018, as the government should have cleared things three and a half years ago.

An additional “push” for hundreds of thousands of retired people is the filing of claims for the equalization of pensions with those who maintain the personal dispute, which has been postponed for one year. It should be noted that the total of retrospectives is estimated at at least EUR 10 billion and their gradual return is at … table, depending on the course of budgetary figures. Indeed, if a new government emerges, which will take as a … gift to reduce the primary surplus to 2% from 2020 onwards, then all possible reimbursements will be open.


10 common mistakes tenants make

Image result for mistakes tenantThe choice between renting or buying a house is often difficult, not to mention all the factors that come into play such as finances or family situation. The rental is primarily for those who change places often, those who are trying to save money to buy a house soon or those who are moving for the first time. No matter what your situation, your budget or your lifestyle, here is a list of the 10 most common mistakes that every tenant should try to avoid.

Do not read the lease


The lease is a simple contract between you and your landlord in which the rights and obligations of each party are explicitly described. Even if you have rented in the past, be aware that not all leases are the same, so read this carefully.

Reading the lease is even more compelling when you rent a condo, because it is often in the lease that you find the requirements and special rules that your landlord wants to impose. By reading your lease before signing, you make sure you do not have to pay extra fees or fulfill requirements that you did not know about.

In short, your rental experience will be more enjoyable if, from the beginning, you are aware of all the details.

Do not ask questions

Image result for do not ask questionsImmediately after reading your lease, you must ask all the questions that come to your mind. You do not want to postpone this step and run the risk of forgetting some of them. As mentioned above, each lease is different, hence the importance of clarifying all the details in the beginning of the lease. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The rental price and possible price increases
  • The deposit
  • The cost of utilities such as water, electricity, heating
  • Relationships / problems with neighbors
  • The policy regarding the possession of animals
  • The terms of the lease

By creating a good relationship with your landlord from the start, you make sure you have support if ever an emergency occurs. By asking a few questions, you will make sure you make a good final decision.

Do not take the tenant’s insurance

An insurance policy that protects your personal assets is an indispensable part of your rental. Your landlord may have insurance that covers damage to the building in case of fire or flood. However, this insurance does not cover any property you own. Therefore, you must have personal insurance to avoid economic losses that could cause a fire for example.

Also, some homeowners, before renting the apartment, will require you to have insurance. Even if yours does not require it, it is strongly recommended to get one to protect your assets.

Do not document damage during the rental

When you rent an apartment or a house, you pay someone to let you occupy his property. Therefore, if there is property damage, you will be responsible and will be responsible for the costs. It is therefore very important to document or take pictures of all existing damage when you move in. For example, if you forget to tell your landlord about existing problems, you may have to pay the repair costs when you move. Also, if there is damage to the move, the landlord may retain your security deposit.

Do not search enough

Even if you think you have found the perfect place, do not sign your lease before doing a little research. Of course, renting is not as serious a commitment as the purchase of a house, but that does not mean that the condition of the building or its location must be neglected.

Do some research to find out what are the prices of other accommodations in your area, avoid scams. Also, take a tour of the neighborhood and make sure you have everything you need: a grocery store, a bus station, a metro station, etc.

Do not move to a place that does not suit your needs. Do some research and choose what suits you best.

Sign a restrictive lease

This sixth point underscores the importance that must be attached to reading the lease. Under no circumstances should you sign a lease that will prevent you from doing certain activities that you have planned.

For example, do not sign a lease that forbids you to sublet the apartment, while you plan to leave in exchange or leave to travel. Do not sign a lease that prohibits the possession of animals, when you really want to have them. Do not sing no more a lease that forbids you to have guests, while your friends will visit you often.

Even if it is a rental, it will still be your home, so do not sign a lease that does not suit you.

Do not visit the neighborhood

<strong>Do not visit the neighborhood</strong>

When moving to a new neighborhood, it is important to visit it to make sure it meets your expectations and suits your needs. Also, ask your loved ones what they think about this neighborhood, what are their opinions. You do not want to sign a lease and realize, a few days later, that the neighborhood displeases you.

Paying too much rent

The quality of your rent will depend on the price you pay. However, do not waste all your savings on an apartment. Do your research, ask your loved ones and make sure you pay the right price for the apartment you rent.

Do not do your apartment search together

If you are moving with your other half or with a roommate, it is of course desirable to visit the apartments together. However, some do not stay in the market for a long time, so you have to act quickly. If you decide to wait for the other person to visit the apartment, it may be already taken. If you can not visit the apartments together, visit them separately, but do not forget to make the final decision together.

To be careless

Even if you rent the apartment, you must take care of it as if it were yours. If you are careless and careless, you may be paying for the costs of the move. Your landlord has the right to charge you for repairs or cleaning .

The rental is an excellent opportunity to try to live alone, with a sweet half or with a roommate, without necessarily engaging too seriously. On the other hand, even if you do not buy the apartment, that does not mean that your decision should be unthinking. Follow our tips and avoid the mistakes above so that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

That the result of the elections does not affect your savings

Image result for electionA new era has begun in Mexico as a result of the elections and, without a doubt, everyone is looking forward to what will happen in the coming months.

We can get a little uncertainty. However, just as a new stage for the country begins, it is a good time to take care of your money and that of your family. Saving as well as other habits can help you keep your finances running smoothly.

How to take care of your money after the elections?

This was a season in which the country had some changes of considerable relevance. The fluctuations of the peso had some adjustments that even at the close of the elections on July 1, caused the dollar to reach a minimum of 19.6472 pesos.

Since then, many political and economic analysts have ruled out an early increase in the dollar against the peso. One of the ways to take care of your money from possible changes in the economy of the country is to change part of your savings from pesos to dollars.

Invest your money in foreign currency

Image result for invest in foreign currency

One of the best investments you can make with your money is to change your savings from pesos to dollars.

In recent days, many people and even investors are wondering what a good idea it is to invest your money in currencies at this time. That depends on the term and the destination of the investment. Therefore, before making the decision you must take into account the following points:

  • Attention with the weight

Analyze the decision you are about to make. Do not forget that the foreign exchange market in the country is always in a constant ups and downs that can place your savings at their best or devalue them.

Learn how the world of currencies works before changing your weights to dollars or another foreign currency.

  • Nothing is final

Let’s use a simple example to understand how the risk of investing in foreign currencies works. Imagine that you have 100 thousand pesos and that you are looking to invest.

In this moment, the dollar is at 20 pesos. Making the change, then you would have 5 thousand dollars. Let’s assume that the dollar earns 2 pesos more, which would leave you a figure of 10 thousand pesos.

Everything sounds pretty good, is not it? But you must take into account that this can happen to the investment with good luck, if the dollar earns 2 pesos, returning them to Mexican pesos will give you a profit of 10 thousand pesos.

Of course, the same operation can happen the other way around and clearly it will be something that will go out of your control.

Spend my dollars?

There are several places where you can spend your dollars, especially in areas of great foreign tourist influx. Investing in dollars can secure your savings for the future.

Many people who are dedicated to business choose to invest in foreign currencies because that is a way to insure their company. All for the sake of securing the future.

Have a cool head to invest

Before making your decision, you must take into account quantities and deadlines. It is recommended that you do not invest more than 10% in foreign currencies due to its high volatility.

The ideal is to invest in very important moments for the politics and the economy of the country or in case you need money for a trip out of Mexico. If you do so, you will have less risk in your investment.

Save your money in an account

Image result for save moneyIt is always good to save money in a savings account than under the mattress. Why? Because saving money at home may seem safer: you have control of your money, you know how much you have and at any time you can make use of the money that you are accumulating with such care.

However, there are certain conditions that come out of our hands and that represent a disadvantage compared to savings accounts.

  • Do not forget Hacienda. Although it is a well-known practice and used by many people, there are a number of conditions that we can not ignore: that the origin of money is legal. Otherwise, the Public Administration, through the Treasury, could qualify as profit money that is not justified and force us to pay taxes.
  • Possibility of theft. And not only that; We are not exempt from thefts if we keep our money at home. Anyone is exposed to thieves entering your home and that is why you should be aware when making the decision to keep your money under the mattress.
  • You can be exposed to unforeseen events. Finally, there are those accidents at home that can cause the loss of your money and fires or floods are some of those cases. If you keep your savings in your home you can risk losing it for causes beyond your control. There will be nothing to replace that money if one of those accidents happened to you.

On the contrary, if you keep your money in a bank account, you have a better chance of keeping your money well taken care of, without the risk of losing it or seeing it disappear for any reason out of your hands.

Among the advantages of having your money saved in a bank account is:

  • The experience of the banks and the technological support they have to guarantee that your money is in good hands. Banks can answer for any eventuality that happens with your money. Do not forget to check the history and success stories of the bank to verify that it is a serious banking institution and that it has the accompaniment of other financial institutions with global coverage.
  • Your money can grow, because the vast majority of banks give their clients the advantage of exercising that money. In the event that you save your money in a savings account, you can receive interest if you increase the amount of money you keep in the bank.
  • The security of paying for fees that many people think banks will ask for. There is a belief that the money you keep will be consumed by the institution. Therefore, you should be aware of the management fees that many institutions request and that are not very high either. This is not a way in which banks consume money from your account.

You do not have to pay what you do not want (or can not) pay

Many people refuse to keep their money in banks for fear of the account management fees involved. And there are those who believe that instead of their money growing, it will be consumed by constant charges.

What happens in this case is that management fees are inevitable, because banking entities are a business and this is the way they are recovered by the operations they perform when opening an account in your name and of course, by maintaining your money to shelter.

However, these fees are not always high and will not consume your money either. The advisable thing in these cases is that you choose the account that you receive less for handling. You should always check the conditions in the contract as there are banks that do not charge you any fees if you maintain a constant balance of savings.

We must also mention the advantages of taking your money to a savings account.

Not only can you keep your money saved in the bank; You can also use debit cards, another way to keep your money saved without having to be in the bank every time you need to withdraw.

In addition to having technologies that prevent data breach and theft, you have the possibility to cancel the card without losing your money, in case of losing or breaking the plastic.

And that’s not all; You do not have to be at the window of your financial institution, because you can dispose of it when you need it the most. These are some ways to keep your savings safe after the elections and during any such conjuncture.

Keeping alert about the changes that take place in the country is also a way of taking care of your heritage and, above all, approaching allies like Credifiel , will allow you to have that help in case of any eventuality that comes to your life.

In addition to the tips to safeguard your money, we recommend our downloadable How to raise the educational quality of your children with the best school, with which you will have the basis to choose the ideal place to motivate and start learning in your children.

Credit Margin vs. Second Mortgage

Image result for versusYou need money fast and think about using the equity of your home to get a loan. You can either apply for a second mortgage or use my credit rge heart of Vale Residential (HELOC), but which to choose? We analyze both loans here to help you in your choice.

A My Credit rge heart of Vale Residential (HELOC) works like a credit card. The main difference is that with My Credit rge Vale Residential heart, the credit limit is much higher and your loan is secured. Your credit limit is based on a percentage of the value of your home. The maximum amount is about 75%.

You can pay off my credit rge Vale Residential heart at any time and you can withdraw money from this loan during your term. Once the end of your contract, you will have to repay your balance completely. The term of a rge My Credit Vale Residential heart is usually 3, 5 or 10 years. This makes the MCVD ideal for short-term investments or for solving financial problems quickly. On the other hand, if you need a loan for a long-term investment, a second mortgage may be more appropriate for your situation. If you want to improve your home or expand it, this type of loan is ideal. With a second mortgage, you will get a lump sum that you can use the way you want. What is a second mortgage? This is a second loan in priority to your first mortgage. Generally, it is a loan whose interest is higher than that of your principal mortgage.

Remember that you can also refinance your current mortgage towards a better interest rate. If you are in the middle of your contract, there is a good chance you can refinance and trade at a better rate. This is a great way to have more money and save on your current mortgage.

All these loans come however with closing costs.

In summary, for a short-term investment, we suggest you take a Home Equity Line of Credit. For a long-term investment, a second mortgage is more appropriate. To better meet your needs, you should talk to a loan specialist who will guide you.